March 08, 2022

Welcome to the March session!

We are excited to host two great talks this month:

Centriole signaling restricts hepatocyte polyploidy to maintain liver integrity

Valentina Sladky, PhD and Andrew Holland, PhD

John Hopkins University, USA

Genetic instability from a single S-phase after whole genome duplication

Renata Basto, PhD

Institute Curie, France

Chairs of the session will be:

About the speakers: Valentina Sladky and Andrew Holland

Valentina SladkyAndrew Holland

Valentina Sladky is an EMBO postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Holland at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She received her PhD from the Medical University of Innsbruck working in the laboratory of Andrea Villunger. Her research interests focus on the role of polyploidy in normal physiology and disease.

About the speaker: Renata Basto

Renata Basto

After completing a PhD in genetics at the University of Lisbon and the CGM, Gif-sur-Yvette with R. Gomes and R. Karess, Renata Basto move to the team of Jordan Raff, at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge UK as a post-doctoral fellow. She studied the consequences of centrosome number alterations in Drosophila. In 2009, she moved to the Cell Biology Department (UMR144) of the Institut Curie in Paris as a junior principal investigator (PI) with a CNRS position. She was promoted senior PI in 2014. R. Basto has been awarded with ERC starting and Consolidator grants, a EMBO YIP fellowship and was elected an EMBO member in 2017. Work in her lab addresses the mechanisms leading genetic instability and the consequences of centrosome and chromosome number alterations in a variety of model systems from Drosophila to human cancers.

About GiiN webinar series

The first GiiN Webinars Series (2021-2022) happens every second Tuesday of the month. It covers latest cutting-edge research in the field of genome stability from two scientists working either in the Italian territory or abroad. This series operates under the kind patronage of AIRC Italian Foundation for Cancer Research.

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