November 08, 2022

Welcome to the November session!

We are excited to host two great talks this month:

Neotelomere formation by human telomerase

Titia de Lange, PhD

Rockefeller University, USA

Genome elements mediating intra and inter chromosomal catenation

Marco Foiani, PhD

IFOM, Italy

About the speaker: Titia de Lange

Titia de Lange

Titia de Lange's research interest centers on telomeres and their role in human disease. She described the shelterin complex and showed how it hides the telomere end from the DNA damage response, in part by forming the t-loop structure. Her laboratory also studies the dual role of telomeres in cancer, including tumor suppression by telomere shortening and the induction of genome instability by telomere dysfunction in later stages of tumorigenesis. As an undergraduate at the University of Amsterdam, de Lange worked with Richard Flavell (FRS) at the NIMR in Mill Hill. She conducted her thesis research at the University of Amsterdam with Piet Borst (ForMemRS), receiving her PhD in 1984. After postdoctoral research with Harold Varmus (ForMemRS) at UCSF, she joined the faculty of Rockefeller University in 1991, where is the Leon Hess Professor and Director of the Anderson Center for Cancer Research. De Lange is a member of the US National Academies of Sciences and Medicine, the Dutch Royal Societies (KNAW and KHMW), and EMBO.  Her awards include the Gairdner International Award, the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, the Heineken Prize, and the Rosenstiel Award.

About the speaker: Marco Foiani

Marco Foiani

Marco Foiani directs the Genome Integrity Lab in IFOM. He obtained his PhD at the University of Milan and then moved for a postdoc to the US in the lab of Alan Hinnebush in Bethesda. Then he returned to Italy as an assistant professor and then full professor at the University of Milan. In 2000 Marco Foiani's group was one of the first to move to the newly-founded IFOM Institute in Milan in which he served as Scientific Director from 2008 to 2022, contributing with his vision to the success of the IFOM model. Marco Foiani's lab has made landmark contributions in the field of Genome Integrity and in particular in understanding how cells deal with replication stress and DNA double strand breaks.

About GiiN webinar series

The first GiiN Webinars Series (2021-2022) happens every second Tuesday of the month. It covers latest cutting-edge research in the field of genome stability from two scientists working either in the Italian territory or abroad. This series operates under the kind patronage of AIRC Italian Foundation for Cancer Research.

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