The Genome Integrity Italian Network (GiiN) is a scientific community founded in 2021 by Simona Giunta (University of Rome Sapienza) and Stefano Santaguida (Institute of Oncology; University of Milan) to bring together national and international laboratories that work in the field of genome stability.

Our mission is to discuss and showcase the latest findings, as well as promote mobility, collaborations and opportunities for all colleagues working in our field. The initiative aims to harness the newfound opportunity of virtual connectivity creating, enhancing and facilitating interactions between active members of the GiiN community. These connections will encourage multidisciplinarity and collaborations, and ultimately will positively impact scientific research related to the broad area of Genome Integrity.

As a means to achieve our goal we organize and host monthly webinar featuring two excellent researchers in the field and we stimulate the subsequent discussion. This website represents a entry point to the community, a place to collect information about future and past events and an archive of all our activities.


Chairs organize seminar series, select speakers and session moderators. Interested peakers are encouraged to get in touch with chairs to arrange a seminar.

Stefano Mattarocci

Sofia Francia

Grazia Daniela Raffa

Ylli Doksani


Simona and Stefano created the Genome Integrtity Italian Network and organized the first seminars session.

Simona Giunta

Stefano Santaguida


Volunteers help Chairs in the organization of each session, contact speakers, send out reminders and maintain online presence of the Network.

Julieta Rivosecchi

Marta Marzullo

Francesco Tabaro